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Skin & Body Treatments

Here at Grand Wellness, we care deeply about the overall health of your skin.
All of your skin care treatments will include a
 thorough skin analysis, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, mask, and a personal prescription of home care products. They also include a moisture application using effleurage movements.


Grand Wellness Spa Aesthetic Massage Services Brantford

30 mins ~ $82

Grand Pro 30

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Grand Wellness Spa Facials Brantford

60 mins ~ $122

Grand Pro 60

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Facial Add-Ons

10 mins ~ $10


Product application and skin analysis 
Available as an add-on service only.

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Body Treatments

60 mins ~ $132

Healing “Ale”ments Scrub

An invigorating mineral salt scrub combined with hops, barley and honey create an energizing, yet hydrating treatment for the skin. Followed by a massage of mineral rich crème.

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Grand Wellness Spa Bath Salt Massage Exfoliation Brantford

60 mins ~ $152

Turkish Salt Scrub

An exhilarating thermal salt exfoliation is applied in a two step treatment utilizing salt rich in mineral and trace elements mixed with essential oil, followed by a thermal mineral shower gel.
This treatment is an invigorating scrub, stimulating circulation, whilst leaving the skin smooth and soft.

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Grand Wellness Spa Skin and Body Treatments Body Wrap Brantford

60 mins ~ $157

Signature Body Brew Wrap

This treatment is deeply relaxing and nourishing as a rich mineral mask mixed with hops and honey work to not only detoxify the skin, but strengthen and nourish dry, lifeless skin. Super hydrating, the skin is left smooth and supple. Extreme benefits for men and women.

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Grand Wellness Spa Skin Body Treatments Moor Mud Body Wrap Brantford

60 mins ~ $157

Moor Mud Wrap

A revitalizing European therapy using authentic thermal Moor Mud to heal, soothe and rejuvenate tired muscles and dull skin. It takes over one thousand years for natural processes to create three meters of this black organic mud, rich in thermal water derived minerals and trace elements (35%). Moor Mud is harvested near one of only two spa lakes in the world (fed by a geothermal hot water spring and a cool water stream). This treatment remineralizes, softens and purifies the face and body. The Moor Mud Wrap is recommended to precede the Bath and Massage. This Moor Mud Treatment takes the place of a Body Scrub if applied to the full body.
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60 mins ~ $152

Essential Oil Wrap

A luxurious application of aromatherapy oils mixed with Remineralizing Body Crème helps relieve muscle tension, promote detoxification and hydration. This treatment is recommended a la carte or with an optional Turkish Salt Scrub preceding it. Remineralizing Body Creme, made with mineral rich waters, helps to hydrate and nourish the skin. Combined with essential oils specifically chosen according to skin type and mood, it is applied with effleurage movements to the body. The body is then wrapped in blankets for 15 minutes.

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Aromatherapy – $12.00

KF Hair Mask – $25.00

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