Ashtanga Yoga means Eight limbed Yoga. Asana is the Third of these Limbs. Through this practice of linking asanas through prescribed vinyasas (movements) one can correct imbalances, strengthen the system & establish health.
In this introduction Raphael will focus on the standing postures of the Primary Series as taught by Shri Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India.
Deep, even breathing known as UJJAYI and steady eye gazing or DRISTI will be taught as well as the philosophy & understanding of the other limbs.

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Raphael Keelan, Yoga Instructor

YOGA is the path to create a union of mind body and spirit–
Raphael has been immersed from a young age in the lifestyle and philosophy of this practice. A devoted practitioner of Asana over the past 7 years eventually led to a completion of 240hrs in Hatha-Vinyasa and Iyengar style Restorative Yoga Teacher Training. Raphael currently practices Ashtanga yoga and draws from this well of knowledge to gently guide students through varying styles of Hatha yoga classes ranging from gentle beginners to more advanced flow-yin yang and relaxing deep healing restorative teaching. Students are treated to gentle healing touch and adjustments as she enhances class as a level II Reiki practitioner. Her goal is to empower students with the ability to, transform, heal & transcend to the places they are meant to dwell~within.