Rooted in Hatha Yoga and peppered with pilates this class offers both beginner and seasoned yoga students the chance to deconstruct patterns and develop core strength. Whilst following the road map of a standard yoga class, MMLO offers insight into understanding the mechanics of individuals bodies in a safe yet challenging environment. Balance development and exploration form a key component of the class along with ample time hold longer stretches. breathe and relax.

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Jeff Laskey, Yoga Instructor

“Like many people I came to Yoga seeking relief from pain and discomfort. During my first few classes, in between the confusion of starting something new and coming to terms with the tightness and patterns present in my body I start to realize the relief and freedom that Yoga can offer the practitioner. It didn’t take long for me to dive deeper by practicing daily and eventually hearing the call to take my 200 hour YTT in 2015. Since completing teacher training in June 2015 I have been consistently teaching around Southern Ontario in a number of studios and for community based organizations. During my time as a teacher i have had the privilege of teaching Yoga to children, seniors and even a pre-natal class. My focus is on building strength and flexibility across the continuum of life. I believe that daily practice, education and contentedness to one’s body is the key to maintaining health and longevity. Building awareness of the subtle body and the momentum of breath during postures is the foundation for my classes. I enjoy the challenge of engaging the mind to resolve challenges of movement and strength. Outside of class I am a father of five, play guitar and sing, like beer and chicken wings and spending time in nature.”