Welcome to Brantford’s Newest Wellness Studio

Our Vision

is to hold  a peaceful space for ‘ANYBODY’ through inspiring and fostering Spiritual & Physical well being

Our Mission

is to meet you wherever you may land with Grace, Compassion, Fun & Respect

Body Practices Ahimsa

Ahimsa means non-harming or non-violence in Sanskrit. Ahimsa Yoga is founded on the principle that yoga should be safe, accessible, inclusive, and engaging for all students — regardless of physical condition, level of experience, or reasons for being interested in yoga.

What is OM?

OM is the “sacred syllable” of Sanskrit, the ancient language of Northern India, home to the practice of yoga. It represents the four states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, deep sleep, and pure consciousness. We often chant OM at the beginning and/or end of class. Please feel free to join in or sit quietly and allow the vibrations of the chant help you to relax deeper.

GW Body Studio Etiquette

Arrive 10-15min before class start time with an open mind and seeking relaxation.

Classes begin at a scheduled time & are subject to room capacity. Be mindful of others upon arrival, keep noise level to a minimum to allow others to begin their practice peacefully.
Always remember to turn Phones off before class begins to ensure mutual respect of other students/teachers.
Come prepared – wear clothing that allows you to move freely & comfortably.
Yoga/Pilates/Nia & Meditation is done in bare feet, please leave all footwear in designated area.
Rental Mats will be available at GW Body for $2/Session. All other Props (Straps/Blocks/Bolsters/Mat Cleaner) will be available free of charge.

Be sure to advise your Teacher before class if you are new, have injury/medical condition or are pregnant.
Be gentle and practice acceptance with your mind & body throughout class. You can expect a safe, non-judgemental environment that encourages peace and physical development throughout your practice and wellness journey.

After Class, when coming back to life from Savasana, please leave quietly respecting anyone still enjoying their moment in peace. Remember to put props away where you found them and wipe down yoga mats if using rental from the studio.

Class Schedule

Meet our Wellness Instructors